Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Just For Kids Anymore

As I was thinking about all of the stuff I need/want to do to get the house and things in order, I realized I really want to take a good ol' hot bubble bath. Not now mind you, but later after the rug rats are in bed.

That is when I decided to pop in here for a minute and let you know what my fav bubble bath is these days. Is it pricey? No. Does it smell awesome? I think so!

My fav bubble bath of late is none other than Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath. It smells of Lavender and is super relaxing. After using it on my kids so many times and because my husband bought at least 10 bottles of it off of Amazon, I decided to use it for myself. Add a glass of wine and you have a nice finish to a busy day.

So tell me, what is your fav bubble bath or bath products?


  1. This is my absolute favorite body wash/bubble bath too. I use it on my kids, and of course myself also. Also love the lotion!

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  3. so sorry ... kiddos tugging on my pants.... we love it as well and a close second is Mr. Bubbles for sensitive skin on those days when you want a LOT of bubbles ;)

  4. I love this stuff, too! I discovered it when I worked as a nanny for a few months. FI thought I was crazy when I steered him down the baby aisle at the grocery store to buy some haha :)

  5. Wow! So many lovely ladies are in the know! Thanks all for your comments and for reading.
    Andi, I agree. The lotion is really yummy too. And Little Mochi, I'll check out Mr. Bubbles when we put a dent in our stock of J&J. Thanks for the rec.