Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites... Goldfrapp!

Last summer I was playing around on YouTube and I found an artist that I have fallen totally in love with. I can't remember the first video that i saw of hers/theirs, because I kept checking out everything I could find. I then turned around and got every release she/they had and it has all been on heavy rotation in my car and ipod ever since.

Goldfrapp is essentially Allison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. She/they have been in the music biz for a while now and is still relatively unknown here in the States; Why? I haven't a clue!!!!

Their music style ranges from electronic, chill, glam rock, folk, etc... and now with their latest release, Head First, an homage to the early 80's with songs that evoke ELO and the Xanadu soundtrack. Cool, huh!?

This Friday, I want to share a few songs/videos of hers/theirs because this is truly a favorite.

Their first single from Head First, Rocket


GOLDFRAPP | MySpace Music Videos

Ooh La La from Supernature

Goldfrapp Oh la la

Melissa Castillo | MySpace Video

Strict Machine from Black Cherry

Goldfrapp ~ Strict Machine

jerm[h@ll] | MySpace Video

Pilots from Felt Mountain (LOVE this song!)


GOLDFRAPP | MySpace Music Videos

Happiness from Seventh Tree

Goldfrapp ~ Happiness

jerm[h@ll] | MySpace Video

A great club song! Yes, Sir live at T4

Goldfrapp ~ Yes Sir (@ T4)

jerm[h@ll] | MySpace Video

I leave you with this song that has a wonderful expansive yet trippy quality to it. Have a great weekend!
Little Bird from Seventh Tree

Little Bird live from Seventh Tree

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