Friday, January 22, 2010

Anthropologie Preview - Midcentury Proper

I just got a sneak peek at the new "line" that will be out shortly at Anthro, and I have to say that I am in L-O-V-E!

This is what they have to say about it:

“All her life, she had wanted to teach at Wellesley College. So, when a position opened in the Art History department, she pursued it single-mindedly until she was hired.”

And so goes the opening voiceover from the film Mona Lisa Smile. Like many moviegoers, we were blown away with the film’s costume design, delighting each pillbox hat, peter-pan collar and spectator pump.

The preppy-prim garb of Mona Lisa Smile inspired our latest batch of outfits, debuting this Monday, January 25, on Here’s an exclusive preview of the six looks, which we like to call “midcentury proper.”

I think they summed up the feeling of the look nicely. On to the show:

The look is very feminine, retro and modern all at the same time. It would also be a look I would be happy to wear and easy for just about anyone to pull off. What are your thoughts? Is there an outfit that stands out for you and which one is it?


  1. Love it! The jacket looks especially. Great post!

  2. Thanks Andi! I like the jacket look a lot too. I think it is the belt that makes it so special.